General terms for wallet top-up

When your flight is cancelled or affected by a schedule change over 3 hours you receive a notification on your email address containing the assistance measures you are entitled to and links to the pages where you can choose whichever option suits you better.  If you choose refund to wallet, you can transfer the amount yourself by accessing the link in the notification email. You only have to select the segment you want to refund and select the Refund to Wallet option. If you are not logged in already you`ll have to log-in to finalize the wallet transfer. The amount will instantly be available in your account.

 If you cannot process the credit, you can contact us through our contact form, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

If you already have one (or more) voucher/s and you haven`t already used it, you can transfer it to your wallet for easier management. To transfer a voucher to your wallet you must log in, access your profile and select the Have a voucher option, where you will have to fill in the existing voucher number.


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