How to issue an unaccompanied minor ticket

The unaccompanied minor service is available until September 30th, 2022.

“Unaccompanied minor” - any person aged between 6 (six) and 14 (fourteen) years on the effective date of the travel, who travels unaccompanied by an adult, in accordance with the relevant legislation. In the case of Romanian citizens, the maximum age limit for an unaccompanied minor is 18 (eighteen) years.

The fees for this service are available in the Fees and Tariff Rules section on our website

The unaccompanied minor can check-in only at the airport and the service is free of charge. The minor must be present at the check-in desk at least 90 (ninety) minutes before departure, accompanied by an adult. The necessary documents are a power of attorney empowering the minor to travel in the care of a representative of the air carrier and the declaration to be filled in at the check-in counter. For any other enquiries regarding travel documents, you need to contact the authorities of the minor`s country of residence. Upon arrival the minor must be picked up by an adult.

As this service is limited to 4 (four) minors/flight you need to check availability with us before issuing the ticket. You can contact us prior to booking or after you make a reservation where you select bank transfer payment (you generate the booking code and we can add the service on it), but it`s crucial that you wait for our confirmation before making the actual payment.

To issue the ticket you must select an adult as passenger type as you can`t book without an adult on the ticket. After making the reservation we will add the special service for you and you`ll be able to make the payment for the entire amount. Selecting the passenger as adult doesn`t affect the validity of the ticket.

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