Stopover flights

A stopover flight is a flight operated with at least one intermediate stop between the airport of origin and the airport of destination. Please be advised we don`t guarantee connections with other flights or means of transport, except those sold as such by Blue Air.

If you have a ticket for a stopover flight, you need to inform the check-in agent so that your baggage is tagged correctly and sent automatically to the destination airport.

Connecting flights (operated by Blue Air or in code share with other airlines/ transport operators) are marked with the STOP symbol and have each flight number displayed


To view the detailed flight schedule, you need to click on the Show details button


It`s very important you know that segments booked on separate reservations are not considered connecting flights. The same is valid for multiple flights operated by different airlines booked under the same code (PNR) through online travel agencies. This is not an actual connection, but a bundle of segments grouped under the same PNR for easier itinerary management.

In these situations, you need to check out from the first flight segment (pick up your baggage at the stopover airport) and check-in for the subsequent flight so the timeframe between flights must be significant to allow all these procedures.

Also, for connections that are not guaranteed by both participant airlines, none of the operators are responsible for misconnections determined by schedule changes/delays caused by any of the operators.


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