Name on the booking

Please be advised it`s important that you insert the passenger`s name as it appears in the travel document, special characters such as hyphen or apostrophe are excluded. If your name includes an apostrophe, you can replace it with a space or you can combine the names (e.g., O`Neill can be written as Oneil or O Neill) and if your name includes a hyphen, you should replace it with a space (e.g., Mary- Ann should be written Mary Ann).

If you have several first names you can just insert them in the first name section separated by a space; if you exceed the character number, you can exclude a first/ middle name as this will not affect the validity of the ticket. If your document is issued in the first name/ middle name format you should insert both names in the first name field separated by a space.

If you swap the first and last name, there is no need to change your booking. You can inform us through the contact form, but this issue will not affect your ticket.

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