What to do in case you don`t receive the electronic ticket

When issuing a ticket, we recommend you save the booking code displayed at the end of the reservation, until you receive the electronic ticket.

In case you purchased a ticket and you haven`t received the confirmation email, the first thing you need to do is check where the ticket was issued (you can check the browsing history if you don`t remember or if the name of the seller doesn`t appear on the purchase receipt)

If the ticket was issued through a partner agency, then you should contact the respective agent. If you don`t receive an answer from the agency and /or the flight is in less than 48 hours please contact us through the Call Center and provide the following information: route, date/s of travel and passenger/s name/s.

If you booked on the Blue Air Official website or mobile app and you saved the booking reference (you can also check the payment receipt) you can access the ticket on our website or app in the Manage/ Find my booking section using the booking code and last name. Once you retrieve the ticket check the email address in the contact information section. If the address is erroneous, you can correct it, free of charge, and the itinerary will be automatically sent when you save the change.

In case you don`t have access to the booking code, please contact us and provide the ticket coordinates route, date/s of travel and passenger/s name/s to identify the reservation.

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