Check-in obligations

During the check-in procedures, passengers are obliged to present themselves, having on them a valid identity card or passport (as the case may be), the documents necessary to enter the destination country (visa, medical documents, etc.), baggage/luggage. hold to be weighed as well as hand luggage to be checked to see if it falls within the weight and size limits set by the air carrier.

Blue Air also recommends that passengers show up at the check-in desk with their travel tickets.

In the special case of minors, in order for them to be able to travel on domestic routes in Romania, it is necessary, in the absence of an identity document or a passport, to present the birth certificate in original or in legalized copy.

In the special case where the infant has reached the age of 24 (twenty-four) months until the time of the booked trip, for which the parent / legal representative has paid an infant fee, the air carrier reserves the right to refuse him the flight. , in case the parent / legal representative refuses to pay the price difference between the infant fee and the full ticket on the date of finding the discrepancy, subject to the availability of a seat in the aircraft.

Passengers are required to contact the competent authorities of the destination country (for example: consulates, embassies, border police) to find out what documents are required for their trip to the destination country.

Passengers are required to comply with and comply with all laws, rules and requirements of the countries in / from which they travel, as well as the Blue Air Travel Conditions. The company is not responsible in any way to the passenger, to obtain the necessary documents for his journey or to comply with the laws, rules, requirements or instructions about which the passenger was informed, or the consequences of the passenger not obtaining the necessary documents or not obey the laws, rules, requirements or instructions given.

* Blue Air draws the attention of passengers to the fact that security and border control formalities can require significant periods of time, thus creating unpleasant situations for passengers.

In the special case of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, the deadline for presenting at the check-in counter remains 2 (two) hours *, even if you opt for the online check-in service.

* Blue Air draws passengers' attention to the fact that at some airports check-in counters may open earlier.

In the special case when traveling with an infant, the boarding process involves the presentation of the boarding pass for both the infant and the accompanying adult. Passengers not coming from an EU / EEA country must go to the Blue Air check-in desk at the airport to check their travel documents before completing security and border crossing formalities. If the passengers do not comply with this provision, Blue Air reserves the right to refuse boarding. The online check-in process implies that the passenger must accept the random assignment, free of charge, of a seat on the plane. If the passenger wishes to choose a specific place in the aircraft, he has the possibility to do so, before issuing boarding passes, in accordance with the conditions associated with the reserved fare family, paying the related fees provided in the Fees and Rules Section. Pricing on the Company's website.



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