How to choose your seats

 Seats and Blue Air Bundles

Passengers can reserve any seat available on the plane upon the ticket reservation, subject to flight safety or security compliance.

  • BlueBASIC customers must purchase their preferred seat, alternatively they will be automatically assigned a random seat at check-in.
  • BluePLUS customers can choose to sit for free in any of the standard seats (excluding extra legroom seats and rows 1-4) available on the plane. extra legroom seats and front rows are also available at an extra cost.
  • BlueBIZ customers have higher flexibility, being able to choose to sit in any available passenger seat on the plane, including extra legroom and front row seats, at no extra cost



How to choose your seat 

When booking your flight, you will be able to choose between different bundles, as shown above - BlueBASIC, BluePLUS and BlueBIZ. Each package allows you access different types of seats:

    • Front seats are located at the front of the aircraft and allow you to be amongst the first to exit the aircraft after landing.
    • Extra legroom seats have more leg space for a more comfortable journey. Please note that, for safety reasons, passengers under 18, passengers requiring special assistance, pregnant women and passengers travelling with infants cannot be seated in an emergency exit row or a front row.

Which are the best seats in the airplane

Frequent travellers say that window seats, seats close to the front and the ones next to exit rows, aisle are considered the best seats on a plane. But this best is also depending on details such as noise, fear of flying, travel with kids, need to work, different health issues that might create needs for travellers, such as going to the bathroom.

For example, people who are afraid to fly or overexcited should want to sit on a row in the middle of the plane, over the wing, where turbulences are not felt strong.

The ones with different health issues might want to choose an aisle seat, so they won’t disturb anybody when going to the bathroom.

Families with kids might want seats with more legroom, while the ones that need to work should choose a seat near the front of the plane, so they can have enough room for laptop and to be easy to leave when arriving to destination.

Choose the best seat for your needs when booking your ticket and don't wait for system to choose your seat - others might take the seat you want and book it before you do. 

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