How to choose a preferential seat?

Seats and fare packages

You can book any available seat at the time of the booking, provided you comply with safety rules and limitations.

  •  If you booked the BlueBASIC package you will have a random seat assigned in case you don`t book a preferential seat, paying the associated fee. 
  • If you booked the BluePLUS package you can select, free of charge, any standard seat (except those situated next to the emergency exits and those situated on rows 1-4) available in the aircraft. Extra leg room seats (located next to the over wings emergency exits) and seats on rows 1-4 are available for the corresponding fee.
  • The BlueBIZ package offers you greater flexibility; you can choose any available seat in the aircraft, including extra leg room seats, at no additional cost. If you booked the BlueBIZ fare family you can choose any seat in the aircraft, free of charge, following only the safety recommendations.

Please be advised that, for safety reasons, passengers under the age of 18, passengers with reduced mobility, pregnant women, or passengers traveling with infants cannot be seated next to the emergency exits.



How can I select a preferential seat?

In case you have a preferential seat included in the fare and you forgot to select it during booking, all you have to do is access you ticket on our website in the Manage ->Find my booking section, using the booking code and last name or email address, and go to the Seats section where you can select the desired seat by clicking on it on the seat map for each flight segment.

In case you don`t have a preferential seat included in your fare or you want to upgrade the one you have, you will need to pay the corresponding fee. 

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