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You can change the travel dates or route up to 4 hours before departure, given that you haven`t checked-in online for the respective segment and that the change you intend to do is not for a round trip ticket where the first flight has passed (regardless the passenger travelled or not).

To change a passenger`s name you must access the booking on our website in the Manage/ Find my booking section, using the booking code and email and or last name. After you access the ticket you need to go to the Passengers section, where, once you click on the Modify button, you can edit the desired name and proceed with the payment. The name change fee will be applied once you edit the name (more information on change fees in the Fees and Tariff Rules ).

Please be advised it`s important that you insert the passenger`s name as it appears in the travel document (special characters such as hyphen or apostrophe are excluded).


What happens when a passenger changes their name during the time of travel?

 When a passenger goes through an administrative name change (marriage, divorce, adoption) after the time of purchase we can modify the name on the ticket, free of charge, if you send us the documents attesting such change.

In case the change is done in the travel period, the name can no longer be changed, as a segment has already passed, but the passenger can still use the return if they present the documents attesting such change at the check-in desk.

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