What do you need for Check-In?

You must enter either your reservation code and your e-mail address, or your reservation code and the passenger's last name. You can check in here.

After check-in

After completing the check-in, we recommend:

  • print the boarding pass
  • make sure you have all the necessary documents for the trip
  • don't forget to get to the airport on time

Remember: if you change your reservation after checking in online, you must re-check in, as the initial boarding pass is no longer valid.

Check-in at the airport with the help of our team

There is no problem if you opt for airport check-in. Please arrive at the check-in office at least two hours before the scheduled departure time. This way we have enough time to organize the flight takeoff and you don't have to run through the airport!

Please note: check-in at the airport is not free, the costs being those presented in the Terms and Conditions section.

What we will check

Get ready with:

  • plane ticket
  • valid identity card
  • we will check the weight of the hold baggage
  • we will check the weight and size of the hand luggage

After check-in

After receiving the boarding pass, we recommend that you listen to the announcements at the airport and follow the monitors in the departure area. If you need information or assistance, contact a member of the Blue Air team.

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