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Because we want you to enjoy every Blue Air flight, we invite you to bring one FREE small carry-on bag. Your luggage must: 

  • have 10 kg max
  • have the maximum dimensions of 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
  • always be stored under the front seat, without disturbing other passengers
  • not include any dangerous goods

Other important things to know about luggage

Valuable objects or electronic devices (camera, laptop, tablet etc.) should be transported in the cabin bag.

Also, duty-free products can be transported separately from the hand luggage, free of charge.

If your luggage doesn't comply

Please note that, if you arrive at the gate with a bag that exceeds the required weight and size allowance, it will have to be placed in the hold and will be subject to a charge for urgent luggage-handling per luggage per passenger per flight. Also, please note that space in the overhead compartment can be limited on full flights, so we may have to transport your bag in the cargo hold. If that happens, we’ll transport it in the hold without any further luggage charges.

What taxes must be paid

Please check baggage fees when booking. It is always best to pay online and select your baggage type at the time of booking, as charges will be higher if you wait until departure time.

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